joan heo


Verizon / McCann NY / 2020

During the early days of COVID-19, the whole country was in quarantine, except for the brave essential workers. They risked their lives everyday to keep us sane, healthy, tested, and fed.

We utilized one of Verizon’s permanent OOH units by Bryant Park (NYC) to thank all the  essential workers who will pass by it everyday on their commute. 

We also took over National OOH units to highlight the messaging that Verizon’s network was keeping people connected, even when they couldn’t be in person.

The Roll of Thanks

Role / junior AD & Designer
Worked together with my partner to bring this idea to life in all aspects

ECD / Holly Hessler
GCD / Jason McKean
AD / Will Malone
Copywriter / Charlie Quiroz
Junior Copywriter (partner) / Lert Theuma

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