joan heo

8 & 24


Kobe and Gianna Byrant’s tradegy is one of those moments that struck a chord with everyone regardless of if you are a fan of basketball or not. I am one of those people who don’t know anything about basketball, but this moment still impacting me beyond belief. 

So my partner (Lert Theuma) and I  decided to draw them on our iPads as a tribute. We posted it online on Lert’s instagram page and got a lot of positive reactions. But we felt that we could do something even bigger.

That’s when we decided to go to New York City’s 8th avenue and 24th street to hang up the drawing, representative of Kobe’s retired numbers: 8 and 24.

We stood there in the cold watching as people saw the portrait, took photos, and remembered their legacy. A surreal moment on a corner in New York City.

The Drawing

The Case Study

The Corner

The Process

6AM, 20 zip ties, and 1 doggo distraction...

15 hours 24 minutes, 14962 pen strokes, and 14 layers...

Role / Art Director
Worked together with my partner to bring this idea to life in all aspects

Partner / Lerthon Theuma
Producer / Brian Collins
VO / Ruffin Prentiss
Sound Designers & Mix Engineers /
Rob Ballingall & Kelly Oostman
Print Producer / Michelle Massaro

New York Amsterdam News Star Revue
BroBible Gothamist

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